title ti‧tle [ˈtaɪtl] noun
1. [countable] HUMAN RESOURCES JOBS a name that describes a person's job or position:

• What is your job title?

• Her official title is Human Resources Manager.

2. [countable] a particular book, magazine, piece of software etc sold by a company:

• We publish 200 new titles a year.

3. [singular, uncountable] LAW PROPERTY the legal right to own property:

• You must demonstrate that you have proof of title.

title to

• Who holds the title to the land?

ˌabsolute ˈtitle [singular, uncountable] LAW PROPERTY
a right of ownership of land that cannot be doubted and where there is no risk of anyone else claiming to be the owner
ˌabstract of ˈtitle abstracts of title PLURALFORM [countable, uncountable] LAW PROPERTY
a legal document that proves someone's right to own a particular property, listing all the documents relating to the ownership of the property:

• Examine your abstract of title against the deeds to check for inconsistencies.

— compare certificate of search
ˌbad ˈtitle [singular, uncountable] LAW PROPERTY
a title that is not clear about who is the owner of a property, especially property that is for sale
deˌducing ˈtitle [singular, uncountable] LAW PROPERTY
proving who is the legal owner of a property:

• As a seller, deducing title will consist in almost all cases merely of supplying the buyer's conveyancer with office copy entries on the Register.

deˌfective ˈtitle [singular, uncountable] LAW PROPERTY
in Britain, a right of ownership of land which is not recorded with the land registry and so there is a risk that someone else can claim to be the owner
ˌdocument of ˈtitle documents of title PLURALFORM [countable] LAW PROPERTY
a document that shows the ownership of property or that gives the person possessing it the right to deal with the property as if they owned it
ˌmarketable ˈtitle [singular, uncountable] LAW PROPERTY
a title to land which shows that the person selling the land is the only legal owner and so has the right to sell it:

• Solicitors should be able to say whether there is good and marketable title to the relevant property.

ˈpaper ˌtitle [singular, uncountable] LAW
ownership of something and the legal document that shows this:

• The significance of the paper title can be challenged if the landowner fails to maintain the land.

ˌproof of ˈtitle [uncountable] LAW PROPERTY
a legal document that proves that someone owns a particular property:

• There was a difficulty getting proof of title from the Land Registry.

ˌregistered ˈtitle [singular, uncountable]
in Britain, a right of ownership of land which has been recorded with the land registry
ˌroot of ˈtitle
[singular, uncountable] LAW PROPERTY documents showing ownership of property, even if the property is not registered:

• Land law traditionally focuses on the importance of documentation as the root of title.

— see also chain of title, cloud on title, evidence of title, examination of title

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title UK US /ˈtaɪtl/ noun
[C] the name of a book, film, article, piece of music, etc.: »

The title of the film was ""An Unreasonable Man"".

with/under a title »

The report is about to be published under the title Choosing Futures.

[C] a book with a particular title that is produced by a publisher: »

The publishing company has just 30 titles on its current list.

[C] a word that is sometimes used in front of someone's name to show their position: »

Use the pull-down menu to enter your title (Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, etc.).

[C] HR the name of a particular job in an organization: »

I have a new title: I'm Director of HR and Training.

keep/give up/relinquish a title »

He gave up the title of CEO four years ago.


I think his title is Chief of Staff.

See also JOB TITLE(Cf. ↑job title)
[S] a position that a person or team gets by beating all the others in a sports competition: hold/win/defend a title »

The champion could not defend her title following knee surgery.


the Premiership/World Series/Grand Slam title

[C or U] LAW, PROPERTY the legal right to own a building or a piece of land: have/hold (the) title »

He did not have title and therefore could not transfer the property to anyone else.


Who holds the title to the property?

See also ABSOLUTE TITLE(Cf. ↑absolute title), ABSTRACT OF TITLE(Cf. ↑abstract of title), BAD TITLE(Cf. ↑bad title), DEDUCING TITLE(Cf. ↑deducing title), DEFECTIVE TITLE(Cf. ↑defective title), DOCUMENT OF TITLE(Cf. ↑document of title), MARKETABLE TITLE(Cf. ↑marketable title), PROOF OF TITLE(Cf. ↑proof of title), REGISTERED TITLE(Cf. ↑registered title), ROOT OF TITLE(Cf. ↑root of title), PAPER TITLE(Cf. ↑paper title), STRATA TITLE(Cf. ↑strata title)

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